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    Saturday 18 September 2010

    Day Eleven - The Merlion

    The weather in Singapore is glorious, everyday without fail it's over 31 degrees in the shade (real feel of over 40) and at night just below 30. Yes you do sweat a lot, you can't help it. It's encouraging to see the locals struggling with the heat too.
    Vinnies favorite way to cool down, a fresh soy drink!
    We left late today as it was raining that morning. Being in the tropics, rain and thunder showers are frequent. Although this was the first shower we'd seen in 11 days. So Vinnie took full advantage of this by doing the laundry. The Citadines, the apart'hotel we are staying at does have a laundry room, so very handy.
    Some of the fortune telling birds
    Hitting the streets that early afternoon we walked via little india to some of the more colourful shopping streets teaming with locals and all kinds of gems. Outside the packed temples fortune tellers set with their trained birds, with their aid your fortune could be told.
    Prayers and offerings inside one of the temples
    The smell of incense flooded the air from the many religious temples crammed into the streets.
    Outside a Hindu Temple with the monkey god behind
    Another god decorating the exterior of a temple
    We directed our exploration to the Bugis Street Market, with it's some 600 street traders. Here we picked up fresh juice for around €0.50, so cheap.
    The bust of Mr Raffels himself, the founder of Singapore
    As we where so close to the Raffels hotel, we headed over to window shop at he many high end stores make up the ground floor of the hotel. Our favourite Molton Browne had a store here, but the prices where alot more then back home.
    Downtown Singapore and the Central Business District (the CBD)
    The Merlion park was the next stop today. According to legend, the Merlion was a creature found here comprising of the head of lion and the body of a fish. The Singapore tourism board back in the 70s made it he official symbol of the city and commissioned what is now an iconic sculpture of the waterfront.
    Vinnie lending a hand
    The Merlion sits on a platform spitting water into the river. A curved decking wraps around it allowing us tourists to take photos. Facing the Merlion are the other waterfront iconic buildings including the Marina Bay Sands and the Esplanade.
    Vinnie at the Merlion
    Patrick at the Merlion
    The singapore tourism board were out in full swing for the F1 race later next week. They had set up podiums and were giving out free flags and other F1 trinkets.
    At the night safari
    We picked up dinner from a thai restaurant beside the apartment then made our way to the north of the island and the night time safari. We got there late, so we only had time for the 40 odd min tram ride taking you around the park. Basically this park is right beside the daytime zoo, but here the park is only open after 7 as the sun has settled. You get to see the animals in a night time setting, illuminated by special moon like lighting.
    At the night safari
    We actually missed the last train back into the city, so we navigated and found our way back on the night bus network where we headed out to Taboo night club until closing! Great fun and the bus only cost a flat rate of S$3.50.


    1. These are great pictures! The fountain one is gas! You guys look like you had a great time. It does look really warm.