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    Thursday 2 September 2010

    An invitation - this time next week we'll be in Singapore!

    Location of Singapore
    Yes this time next week we arrive in Singapore after almost a day of travelling. I hope you can join us on our now annual Holiday Blog as we explore the city-state of Singapore and the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.We will be basing our stay in Singapore itself, taking time mid holiday to take the short 1 hour flight up to Kuala Lumpur on the main Malay Peninsula.

    Singapore is actually an island, with Malaysia to the North and Indonesia to the south. Singapore is the world's fourth leading financial centre and a cosmopolitan world city, playing a key role in international trade and finance. It's currently the fastest growing economy in the world!

    Our two week holiday will be a very connected one. This blog will be the central home for all our posts. We will be updating it at least daily. Using the twitter handle @vinpatholiday10, we'll be sending out regular updates with the last 4 published on every page of the blog. Our current location will be updated directly from our phones, viewable on the right side of the blog in addition to any uploaded pics and videos which we will share. All content will be shared on Facebook.

    I do hope that you can take time out to share in our holiday this year by coming back to visit this blog and evening commenting on our Malay Adventures.

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