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    Thursday 9 September 2010

    Day Two - Getting into the zone

    We arrived into Singapore's Changi Airport at 8am, Thursday, 9th Sept. It's a very efficient airport with friendly staff. The tourism board have a large presence and take this friendliness to the next level. We spent over 15 mins having maps drawn for us with suggested itineraries made out to us by one of the staff members. It was really useful if the rest of the Singapore's people are the same, we are in for one very nice holiday.

    The MTR train station is located under Terminal 3, connected to Terminal 1 by a short skytrain ride. We purchased EZ-Link cards for S$12, which includes some $7 credit. These smart cards, like London's Oyster, can be used on all public transport and in shops too.

    It took around 40 odd mins to get to our Apartment, just off Orchard Road. We tend to, where possible, stay at the Citadines chain and this time is no different and we even got an upgrade. 
    We posted a short video of it on yesterdays posting, but we've a massive one bedroom apartment on the 12 floor overlooking the entire city. It's perfect with separate bathroom, shower spaces, kitchen and living spaces.

    We got to the apartment a little early for checkin, so we went for a little wander around the area. I'm in heaven, Starbucks is right in front selling a whole new world of drinks which we can't get back home from Green Tea Frapachinos to Jelly Iced Coffee. We are going to have to try everything.
    Anyhow, we made it over to one of the massive shopping centers, Plaza Singapura, which had a Marks & Spencers and more importantly, a Carrefour supermarket. Yes the french chain is here. We picked up lots of food and made our way back to settle into the apartment and get some much needed rest after spending the whole of day one traveling.

    That evening we took wandered down to the Arab area, which was in full prayer in celebration of Eid. Tomorrow is in fact a national Holiday for it too. We ate in Little India in a small very authentic street food restaurant. Little India, does not disappoint, you certainly feel like you have been transported to the streets of Pune or Hyderabad. 

    We rounded off the night with short MTR ride to Chinatown. We finally got to bed around 3am. What a long day but a great start to Singapore.

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