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    Saturday 11 September 2010

    Day Four - Mid Autumn Festival

    We set of on one of those city bus tours today. The package we bought included two day tours, one night tour, a water tour, a tour of Sentosa island and admission up the Singapore Flyer.

    On top of the Tour Bus
    It took us some time to find one of the bus stops as they are not marked on the streets, but we eventually found it. Unlike other countries where the tickets would be sold by a sales rep, here the driver sold us the tickets, gave us the marketing speal, all whilst driving and commentating! Hilarious but dangerous!
    About to board the Singapore Flyer
    The tour took over and hour and passed through Little India, The Arab Quarter and China Town. It was far too hot to sit in the direct sunshine, so we opted for the shade.

    A Pod on the Singapore Flyer
    We took in some more malls, including Suntec and Raffles City before taking the MRT subway down to the Singapore Flyer, the Giant Wheel, currently the worlds largest. It takes some 37 mins to rotate with the admission (S$29) included in our bus tour pass.
    The View from the top, 165 metres above Singapore
    Another view from the top
    We managed to make it down for sunset, but by the time we queued and finally boarded, it was already dark. The views from the top are beautiful, but only to one side as the wheel is located to the south eastern side of the island, there really isn't much to see out one side of the pod.
    Me inside the Pod at the top
    Afterwards we ventured to China Town were the mid-autumn moon cake festival was in full swing, attended in person by the President himself. Stepping out of the MRT station you really felt you were being transported to China. The place the heaving with people, sounds and colour. A massive stage show was taking place on the main street with a full on fireworks display from the roof top of the building we were standing beside. That certainly wouldn't be permitted for health and safety reasons back home. 
    The Lanterns handing to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival in Chinatown
    Whilst dragons danced through the streets we roamed a while taking in the street cafes selling raw food for you to cook in boiling pots at your table. We were again in search for a vegetarian meal. Alas after 30 mins we gave up and subway'd it over to Little India for a veggie feast.
    A dragon dancing it's way through the streets!
    Too tired to head out, we had a little drink back at the apartment before calling it a night around 2am.

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