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    Tuesday 14 September 2010

    Day Seven - Twin Towers Part 1

    Sort of slept it out this morning, we missed our breakfast buffet. If you've never had an Asian Crowne Plaza breakfast, I can highly recommend every cent paid for it. So we headed up to our club lounge to feed on the free food and drink provided there. Some VIP lady was escorted in whilst we were there (in our shorts and flip flops). She had a lady in waiting, a minder and entourage. She even got the furniture rearranged to her liking. Umm.
    Road sings in Kuala Lumpur. Malay and Arabic.
    The plan was to visit the petronas twin towers. It's only a short stroll from the hotel. We got up around 2pm to find all tickets had been allocated for the day. Tickets are handed out on a first come first served basis from 8:30 each morning. We were advised to get down before 8am tomorrow.
    The national flag is everywhere, on all buildings, inside and out. Turns out it's national day this week.
    Access is only given to the sky bridge which links both towers. It's less the 200 meters up, less then half way. Tickets are free. So it's better then nothing. New plan is to attempt to pick up tickets tomorrow.
    Vinnie and I in front of the Petronus Twin Towers
    There is a massive shopping mall under the towers, so we had lunch in pizza hut and passed some time in the shops. We choose pizza hut as we where guaranteed a veggie option. It was fine, only problem is they don't stock more the 4 types if veggie topping. Everything here is so meat focused (especially chicken).
    We took a walk around the park which sits directly south of the towers. How people can jog laps around it in temperatures approaching 40 is beyond me!
    A view of the towers from our hotel swimming pool
    We headed back to the hotel for a nice dip in the outside pool, which overlooks the towers followed by some drinks in the lounge.
    China Town 
    The evening was passed taking a walk through the night markets in Chinatown, a short monorail ride from the hotel.

    The view of the Petronus Twin Towers from the Sky Bar of Traders Hotel before midnight
    Before calling it a night we popped over to the traders hotel as we heard the views from the sky bar where amazing. And they certainly where. A must. The sky bar sits on the top 33rd floor of the hotel. It's on two levels with a massive swimming pool in the middle of the bar.
    The Petronus Towers in darkness from the Sky Bar at Traders Hotel after midnight
    The windows open up  to a perfect view of the twin towers, spectacularly illuminated with flood lights. We had some cocktails and food here before calling it a night. Bit of advice, get to the skybar before 12 as the illuminations on the tower are turned off at midnight sharp.
    Our own twin towers of long island iced tea!
    It's early to bed as we plan on getting breakfast then queuing for tickets for the towers tomorrow.

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