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    Sunday 19 September 2010

    Day Twelve - Marina Bay Sands

    There are all sorts of ways to cool down here, but the easiest is to try one of the many iced drinks. From soya based, fruit based to drinks with jelly balls, you can get all kinds of everything to cool you down. My favorite are the drinks with added Jelly or Jelly balls, so unusual!
    Vinnies Mango Iced drink with Jelly balls at the end
    Another local delight are icecream wafers, like the ones you'd have on a Sunday. Nothing quite beats some vanilla HB between two wafers. However here they take it further for less then €1 you can get some icecream in a slide of bread! I know we Irish like bread with everything, but with icecream, it well, just has to be tried once and was actually really nice!
    Patrick with an ice cream sandwich
    The plan for today was to make a visit to the sky park on top of the Marina Bay Sand Hotel. If you've been following our holidays thus far, we've already taken many shots of this new iconic hotel. But today would be our chance to actually get up to the sky park and decking which runs over the three towers of the hotel. The total length of the park is longer then the height of the Eiffel Tower in Paris! It tool some 18 months to complete - amazing. 
    Our fried noodles with omelet
    Before heading up we head some lunch in the youth olympic park, just under the Sands itself. We had the most amazing local dish of fried noodles wrapped in egg. It was something else. Alongside the park is the pit area for the F1 race which is due to take place next weekend too!
    Part of the F1 race track
    It costs S$21 to get to the top of the Marina Bay Sands, including an audio tour. It's totally worth every cent. Granted you only get access to half of the sky park, but the views are breathtaking, the best in the city. You get your tickets from the basement of tower 3 and take an express elevator up the 56 odd floors to the roof.
    Vinnie on the roof of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel
    The hotel is the second complete integrated resort in the city. It contains of all things a complete shopping mall and casino.
    Patrick frightened, overlooking the city
    The infinity pool
    The highlight at the top is the world highest infinity pool. A sight to be seen. The temperatures up here easily exceed 40 degrees. Unfortunately access to the pool is for hotel residences only, and at that not all rooms get access. 

    We did try to book ourselves in for a night before coming over, but it was too expensive. But it was so tempting to just jump right in.
    The infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands
    Vinnie with the pool and city behind
    The view of the city from the sky park of the Sands
    At the base of the hotel is a complete shopping mall with all the international labels. Most of the stores haven't moved in yet as the hotel only opened some weeks back. There is also a casino and Museum. The Museum is in the shape of a lotus flower, which collects the rain water when it rains, funneling it into an internal fountain. It should look amazing when completed later this year. The DNA/Helix shaped bridge connects the sky park to the hotel as seen in the picture below.
    The Marina Bay Sands, with the lotus flower shaped museum (being built) beside it
    All the sights of the bay area, the Singapore Flyer, the Lotus Museum, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Merlion.
    We took the night off tonight and took home some take way, set in, in front of the TV with some vodkas and the Golden Girls. Perfect!
    Dinner (Thai), Vodka and The Golden Girls!

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